We get you ready for new markets

Over 10 years of go-to-market experience

We make your company successful in e-commerce

Our customers are start-ups, scale-ups and corporations that support online merchants with their software and payment solutions to increase sales or optimize processes.For more than 10 years, we have been supporting companies like yours in the introduction of products and solutions in e-commerce. We have helped write many success stories – and we have also experienced how things don’t work.

Our first goal is to provide online merchants with unbeatable benefits for their business operations through your solution. And to convince them of the tangible benefits and the unique position of your services.

Our second goal is to make your go-to-market in e-commerce much easier. The best way to win your customers is through early collaboration with technology partners. That’s why we initially focus 100% on this extremely effective channel.

What are your goals?

Comet-like rise?

C-suite permanent party?

Exit-Millionär in no time?

Career turbo scale-up?

Sales development with hockey stick effect?

From traditional bank to fintech at the speed of light?

From start-up to unicorn in 12 months?

With the best new software solution for online retailers ever?

Using the newest payment option for 200% more merchant sales from day one?

Yes, we may be exaggerating “a little”. And we can’t promise you that. But if we clearly define your positioning and cleverly choose your sales structure, then you can achieve that with us.


We stand for perfect positioning


Online retailers are flooded with ads about solutions they should use to optimize their business. How will you get noticed without a crystal clear message?

We develop a unique position with you that stands out from the crowd:

Together we will look at which group of online retailers you would like to attract as your desired customers.

We transform the features of your solution into clearly identifiable benefits and profitable product and pricing design.

We analyze your competition and compare your benefits with those of your market competitors. From this we formulate your unbeatable sales argument.


If you want to attract online retailers as customers these days, you need to be crystal clear on your positioning. We have over 10 years of experience in launching new services for this target group. Therefore, even if you already have a positioning, we will look at it in detail together with you.

We rely on technology partners


Honestly, do you know any successful technology company that has won new customers sustainably without technology partnerships?


We build a scalable new customer funnel with you via technology partners

Technology partnerships with the best providers of complementary solutions or platforms

Best possible integrations with these platforms

Effective co-marketing and co-selling implemented by your partners

Today, you create attractive solutions in collaboration with your partner ecosystem. Smartly, you win customers together with your technology partners, not with an expensive sales team.


Partnerships are people’s business. Because each partner has individual target groups, different marketing and sales channels, and employees with different needs and skill sets.

Talk to us about how we can get the right partners to distribute your solution.