We get you ready for new markets

Do you want to establish your company successfully in e-commerce?

Here you can learn how to build a sustainable business model in e-commerce with us


We support you

with a sophisticated go-to-market strategy

with the acquisition of new customers via strong technology partners

with effective business development from now on

Why us?

We develop your positioning together with you. We take a close look at whether your solution is already ready for the market or whether something crucial is still missing. We also optimize your business model, your product packages and your pricing with you if necessary.

Together with you, we develop a sales strategy with which you convince the decisive e-commerce platforms, shop and ERP systems to generate new customers for you.

Because you need integrations, we accompany you in realizing the best possible integrations into these systems together with system integrators.

Once the homework is done, we will support you operationally and for as long as you like in the negotiation, onboarding and management of your new technology partners.

With us, you reach exactly the online retailers you want to win as customers. Effectively and without wastage.

Your advantages

You are optimally positioned and know your new market inside out

You know all relevant partners and how to work with them

You can effectively acquire new customers in e-commerce via partners

In 5 phases to your successful market entry


With the proven ARTAVO method we get you into business:

Phase 1 - Strategy workshop for your go-to-market

In a strategy workshop that is well prepared by both sides in advance, we work out the tasks necessary for your successful market entry into e-commerce. The goal of the workshop is to get to know each other and to get a first impression of your product, your company and your goals. This results in a project plan as an overview for the following cooperation.

Phase 2 - Optimal positioning for your perfect first appearance

Together with you, we create a clear vision of your ideal customer. We translate the features of your product into easily understandable product benefits for your target customers. From these benefit arguments, we then develop your unique selling proposition, which clearly differentiates your offer from the competition and makes it without alternative. The goal is the best possible preparation for effective marketing of your products through future marketing and sales channels.

Phase 3 - Sales strategy for building your technology partner channel to scale your business

Together with you, we define your ideal technology partner and select the most relevant partners based on your requirements, such as the shop system providers most frequently used by your target group. For these partners, we design a benefit argumentation or a partner program according to your positioning. The goal is an easy-to-understand offer for the partners, which they will gladly accept and which will be documented in a partner pitch.

Phase 4 - Concrete acquisition of relevant technology partners

During partner recruitment, we enter into concrete negotiations with the pre-selected technology partners on your behalf. If a partnership makes sense for all sides and we reach an agreement with the partner, we also coordinate the best possible integrations with the partners and external developers in this phase. The goal of partner recruitment is new partnerships with technology partners who want to enable easy deployment of your products and also promote them.

Phase 5 - Start your scaling through partner development

With your technology partner channel, we scale your business model with the very partners your merchant customers already trust. We support the onboarding of new partners and coordinate effective co-marketing and co-selling campaigns with them. The goal is to sustainably increase revenue for your business by building continuous brand awareness, constant lead generation and acquiring high-value customers.

Why is our method smart?

Because you become usable with your integrations at 100.000 online merchants in Germany at the push of a button

Because this way you reach over 90% of German online retailers who use standard software for the online store, product data maintenance, order processing and the connection of marketplaces.

Because you get your proof of concept and a high level of confidence when you are available and visibly working with reputable technology partners.

We have seen many companies that wanted to achieve their proof of concept via the classic acquisition of lighthouse customers. Many of them are no longer on the market or have remained small and insignificant. Especially at the beginning, it is far too time and resource intensive to acquire professional key accounts.

Bottom up is the motto. Many smaller customers at the beginning bring a stable revenue base. And they are willing to massively improve your solution right at the beginning. This input from first-time users is much more effective for a minimally functional product than negotiating individual requirements with enterprise customers.

And the best way to get them is through technology partners. In this way, you spread your risk right from the start while maintaining a good margin. This also has a positive effect on cash flow and possible capital rounds. 

Our offer

Continuous personalized advice and operational support with full force

to your go-to-market and your optimal positioning

to your new customer acquisition via adequate technology partners

We consistently focus on the needs of your company and ensure a functioning ecosystem with technology partners from day one, as long as you want. We take care of your partner development and train your internal sales and marketing staff on the job.

We support you in all questions around your business development, are your sparring partner for all marketing questions and your contact network in e-commerce.

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