We get you ready for new markets

We launch your software and payment solutions
for online merchants on the market

Go-To-Market Strategy & Positioning

Scaling via technology partners


We support you

with a sophisticated go-to-market strategy

with the establishment of a scalable technology partner ecosystem

Always one step ahead with real business development

Leverage our years of expertise in positioning new software and payment solutions in e-commerce, developing partner programs, and acquiring critical technology partners.

With us, you reach exactly the online retailers you want to win as customers. Effectively and without wastage.

50 successful
customer projects

since 2011

over 250


50 erfolgreiche Kundenprojekte


seit 2011


über 250 erfolgreiche Partnerschaften

Do you want to successfully establish your solution in e-commerce?

Your company offers software that can only be used through the integration of an add-on into an e-commerce platform or shop system? And you want to attract as many new merchants as possible for your new solution?

Then you’ve come to the right place!


Your company is a bank, a fintech or a new payment service provider that wants to secure a part of the e-commerce turnover in Germany? And you need plugins or an integration into the check-out of certain store system solutions?

Then we look forward to hearing from you!


Your company is an e-commerce platform, shop system or ERP system? And you want to convince more online merchants to use your solutions in the future?

Then let’s talk about it!