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ratenkauf by easyCredit, TeamBank AG


At TeamBank, a company of the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken, we took over the business development of ratenkauf by easyCredit immediately after its launch. A good 5 years later, it is a permanent fixture in the German market for installment payment methods and is used by several thousand merchants.


How did we achieve this?

From the very beginning, we have consistently focused on ensuring that every merchant can use ratenkauf by easyCredit through an easy-to-implement extension in their shop system or with their payment service provider..

Merchants should find ratenkauf by easyCredit wherever they are looking for new solutions or ideas: In the app stores, on the websites and at the events of shop system manufacturers for which integrations have been developed.

In addition, we have developed joint marketing and sales activities with these partners an thus further strengthening lead generation.

JTL Software GmbH


We started a multi-year cooperation with JTL in 2015.

JTL has developed an all-round toolbox for online retailers that is used by tens of thousands of online retailers in Germany.


What have we done?

Together with the management and partner management, we developed a technology partner program and optimized and expanded the ecosystem with technology partners. Furthermore, we co-organized the first in-house exhibition JTL-Connect 2015.

In 2018, we advised the management of JTL on the evaluation and development of strategic cooperation for the JTL-POS checkout system, which was officially introduced in 2019.



We have been working with the management of JERA since 2016.

JERA’s FIBU interfaces collect and utilize merchants’ sales-related accounting information from marketplaces, e-commerce systems and payment services and pass it on in a structured manner to the financial accounting systems of tax consultants.

Meanwhile, JERA is the leading provider of middleware solutions for online merchants in Germany and facilitates accounting and collaboration with their tax advisors for several thousand medium-sized online merchants.


How did we achieve this?

We advise JERA’s management on optimal positioning, marketing and sales issues with the aim of scaling via standard solutions.

One focus of our consulting is to build and expand an ecosystem with technology partners, who see the added value of FIBU interfaces for their customers and are therefore happy to inform their customers about it.


In addition, we have developed joint marketing and sales activities with these partners and thus further strengthening lead generation.

shipcloud GmbH


shipcloud launched a multi-carrier shipping solution for online retailers in 2013, enabling merchants to create shipping labels for many well-known shipping service providers from within their store and ERP systems with a single integration.

Today, shipcloud is the most successful German shipping platform and serves several thousand merchants with its intelligent solutions for label creation, easy tracking of shipments and efficient returns processing.


How did we achieve this?

We supported shipcloud’s management in developing the German market from 2014 to 2018. In doing so, we took over the setup of the entire partner management from the partner program, the selection and acquisition of partners to the joint lead generation.

The focus of our work was growth via technology partnerships with e-commerce platforms and ERP’s, and the provision of as many shipping options as possible through partnerships with shipping service providers.


IT-Recht Kanzlei


When we got the opportunity to work with IT-Recht Kanzlei in 2015, the market of providers of standardized legal texts such as T&Cs and privacy statements for online merchants was still very fragmented.

Today, IT-Recht Kanzlei is the leading provider of legal texts in Germany and serves over 50,000 merchants with its solutions.


How did we support that?

Since the legal texts stored in the retailers’ store systems can only be updated automatically through integration, we have entered into far-reaching technology partnerships or strategic cooperations with all relevant shop system providers over the past 7 years.

In addition to the pure provision of services via an app, the focus of our cooperation was primarily on joint marketing activities with the partners. As a result, we were able to massively increase the number of customers.

emarketing AG


We were already in talks with emarketing before its founding in 2013 and were involved in business development as consultants from the very beginning.

The emarketing solution simplifies advertising for online retailers on Google, Amazon, Facebook and other platforms. All campaigns can be planned and implemented from a single source with just one integration into the retailers’ e-commerce stores.

In 2015, emarketing was named Google Premier Partner Groth Champion in Europe and is one of the leading providers of e-commerce advertising worldwide.


What have we contributed?

We have established technology partnerships with the most relevant shop system providers worldwide, coordinated corresponding integration projects, and boosted lead generation.

SIX Payment Services, heute Wordline


Like Payone, SIX Payment Services is now also part of Wordline, making it the fourth largest payment provider in the world.

In 2017, we developed a comprehensive concept for SIX Payment Services in Hamburg to establish and optimize technology partnerships with shop system manufacturers.


What was another highlight?

In 2020, we planned and initiated a strategic cooperation with an international e-commerce platform for SIX Payment Services in Vienna.

usercentrics GmbH


usercentrics is a provider of a professional consent management solution for website operators.

The company was barely two years old when we started working together in 2020 and is now the leading provider of consent solutions for websites in Europe.


What did we do?

The goal and result of our two-year collaboration was to support Usercentrics’ sales, marketing and product team in building integrations and collaborations with relevant e-commerce platforms and shop software providers on an international level.

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